The Gesundheit Institute Library Hillsboro WV
Gesundheit Teaching Center – Hillsboro, WV
Devine Playhouse

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  • In Progress: Construction Projects 2017
    Marina Apartment Reno As the design-builder for this apartment renovation in San Francisco, DDB was able to work closely with the client in designing everything from the overall layout down to the faucet. Start Design Phase: Early summer 2016 Start Construction: Late summer 2016 Estimated Completion: March 2017 West Oakland Reno This renovation in West Oakland […]
  • Gesundheit Teaching Center – Hillsboro, WV
    DDB has been the General Contractor and the Architect of Record for the Gesundheit Institute.  The Patch Adams Teaching Center is now under construction and will have an enclosed envelope by early fall encompassing four floors with residential spaces, a commercial kitchen, two theaters and many classrooms.  For 7 years DDB has acted as the […]

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