Design Draw Build architects and contractors are a highly adaptable, fully integrated design + build team. Rooted in the practicalities of construction, our dynamic design process has grown into a practice that emphasizes economy, creativity, and excellence in both design and finished construction. We bring diverse interests and experience to our range of projects – residences, education centers, religious buildings, international clinics, historic renovations, custom furniture, and temporary festival architecture. Our small design and construction management team assure close personal attention to the needs of each client. We are driven by restless curiosity about the built world, desire for experimentation, and deep respect for nature.


We design and build through a process that weaves together education, social justice and sustainability, producing beautiful structures that activate the landscapes and communities in which we build.

+ We believe that active participation in the entire process, from design to construction, is essential to producing conscientious, dynamic designs that meet the needs of clients, whether clients are the community, boards, or private owners.

+ We believe that our condition as craftsmen exposes us to the vulnerabilities of the physical world and that such vulnerability and risk are essential for good design.

+ We believe that good design essentially contributes to dignity and justice and that as designers we have a significant role to play in bringing forth a more desirable and equitable world.

+ We believe in honoring the dynamic, pre-existing natural and social contexts in which our projects occur, and that these contexts should shape the design and construction process.

CA Contractor’s License #1011701