RUSTY PEAK ADu + home addition

BERKELEY| design-build |

Inspired by the homeowner’s desire to have more space for their young family to grow, a new 400 SF ADU was designed and constructed adjacent to the main house adjoining by an open patio deck. The main house expanded their footprint by adding 1200 SF with a two-story addition as well as a renovation + remodel of the kitchen, master suite and children’s bedrooms. The ADU’s original purpose was to be a guest-house and children’s playroom, however it also became a home office as needed.

Grizzly Peak-4Grizzly Peak-4
Grizzly Peak-6Grizzly Peak-6
Grizzly Peak-11Grizzly Peak-11
Grizzly Peak-10Grizzly Peak-10
Grizzly Peak-2Grizzly Peak-2
Grizzly Peak-8Grizzly Peak-8
Grizzly 1.2Grizzly 1.2
Grizzly Peak-13Grizzly Peak-13