At Design Draw Build, we believe one of the most fertile spaces for innovation in ‘making’ and construction is the Means and Methods of the work.  The discovery of new means and methods not only involves creative experimentation with current techniques of mobilization-site information systems, but creation of new information systemization and methodologies for creating the physical work.  Our three principles toward M & M discovery are:

Construction workers are the Design Team

Every team member is an ‘on-site designer’ and expected to give feedback toward developing new techniques and analyzing past and present issues to provide new possibilities.

Draw More

We create 25-50% more drawings per project vs the average architectural set.  Communication is clarified for builders, subs and inspectors through the use of 3-d diagrams, color-coded sketches, and numerous other drawn work that make up the DDB drawing set thereby integrating the ‘arteries and organs’ of the building with the structure and skin.

Linked Communication

 We tie communication techniques together through cloud-based dashboard systems that unite all parties and create clear decision-making interface, scheduling schematics and real-time change management.

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